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We at All Creatures Great and Small would like to take a few moments to speak with you regarding the challenges that have come from the aftermath of 2020. The pandemic brought many people the opportunity to work from home, which created a sudden boom in pet adoptions and sales - there were many shelters and rescues who found themselves with little to no pets in their facilities. How amazing for all these pets to finally have their fur-ever homes! This increase in the pet population resulted in extremely high demands on the veterinary field, which is being felt all across the country. What used to be one or two phone calls for a "same-day sick pet" appointment has now turned into ten to twenty a day. We have continued to reserve "same-day sick" appointments to help create space for these last minute requests, however there are some days that we reach maximum capacity very quickly.

We deeply care about our patients and our clients, and we are doing the best that we can to see as many patients as possible while maintaining our medical quality standards. Sometimes we may be at maximum capacity and will have to refer your pet to the local emergency room - this is not because we do not care, in fact, it is because we DO care and want your pet to feel better - they should not be waiting days to weeks for the next available appointment if they need care urgently.

Our reception staff remains readily available and dedicated to our clients - please be patient and respectful to them as they work to assist you as best as possible. Please understand that our heart breaks when we have to turn anyone away. Also, if you have a scheduled appointment and cannot make it, PLEASE contact us and let us know that you are cancelling. This would allow us to fill the spot with a pet that is in urgent need to be seen.

In order to help increase availability to our current patients and clients, we will be limiting our intake of new clients. As of January, Dr. Miccio will be changing to a 3-day schedule with extended hours, so that she will have evening availability for her clients. We will continue to strategize ways to address the substantially increased demands on our hospital. Thank you for being the best part of All Creatures Great and Small Animal Hospital. We look forward to seeing you in the upcoming months.


Dr. Samantha Dossena

Medial Director